With the advent of wall mounted displays, aesthetics plays a similar role as the quality of the
picture and operation. All TV displays require a source of video to operate such as cable TV or satellite boxes,
DVD players, video games, media severs and so on.

No one wants to clutter the clean & high tech look of a wall mounted TV with adding boxes
on the mantel or on a table below with cables dangling down from the TV.

The answer to this is to locate all the required equipment in a remote area such as a closet
or other out of the way location and feed the signals to all TV locations in the home. This allows one to
watch any source in any room. For example, start watching a DVD movie in the living room,
then go to the bedroom to view the ending.

Partners like Control4 and Russound offer video distribution solutions that allow up to eight sources of video
to be sent to up to sixteen TV locations at the same time! Each location can select a different source to view.

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