From the initial Consultation to the Design, Installation, and Support, we'll customize a system tailored for your needs and budget for full control of audio, video, lighting, environmental control and security from a remote control to an iPad while allowing remote access and control from the internet.

Autry Electronics is pleased to partner with Control4 to offer the latest in home automation and control at a fraction of the cost of traditional high end automation companies without skimping out on features. Control4 has got it right and made automation and control practical, affordable, and scalable so that the system can start as small as needed and grow to match your needs. Home automation is all about taking control of your TV, home theater, house music, lighting, climate, security from the convenience of your iPad, iPhone, TV, Laptop. Control4 is a team player and integrates with existing equipment to allow the system to act seamlessly whether new construction or an existing retrofit. In a nut shell: Autry Electronics can provide a new level of entertainment, comfort, security, and convenience for your family to enjoy for years to come!

Please take a moment to review the Control4 Demo Videos below:

Control4 Smart Home Technology At A Glance

Control4 Smart Home Technology -An In depth Look

Lighting and Energy Management

Hand Held Device Automation

Intercom Smart Home Automation

Security Smart Home Automation